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The College of Richard Collyer

The College of Richard Collyer (Colloguial: Collyer’s) has a longstanding reputation for excellence. Our last Ofsted confirmed that the college is “Outstanding’ and as such it offers a wide range of subjects and provides a supportive and welcoming environment for students to learn and develop their academic and personal potential.

The College of Richard Collyer (简称Collyer’s) 学院以其长期卓越的声誉而闻名。 最新的 Ofsted (英国教育标准局) 报告,将我校鉴定授予为“杰出”级学院,因为我们为学生提供广泛的学科,并为学生提供一个支持和温馨的学习环境,让他们能愉快学习的同时,发展他们在学术上和个人潜能。

Collyer’s was founded in 1532, when London merchant and Mercer, Richard Collyer specified in his will that a school-house should be build in Horsham for 60 boys. Today, Collyer’s is a modern and thriving College of almost 2000 students, including about 60 international students. It is considered one of the very best Sixth Form Colleges in the country with students travelling to study at Collyer’s from across the South East and overseas.

Collyer’s学院成立于1532年,当时伦敦的纺织品商人 Richard Collyer 先生在遗嘱中确认在 Horsham 镇上建造一间可容60名男学生的校舍。今天,Collyer's 是一所发展迅速的现代化学校,拥有近 2000名学生,包括 60多名国际生。它被评为全英国最好的 Sixth Form College 第六年级学院之一,学生主要来自英国的东南部和海外。

In 2019, among all Sixth Form Colleges we are ranked 3rd in the UK for A Level results and 14 students get a place at Oxbridge. Students have excelled with an A-level pass rate of astonishing record of 99.4% with 58.3% achieving A*/B.

2019 年, 英国的所有 Sixth Form College 第六年级学院的A levels 考试成绩中,我们名列第三。同年并有 14 名学生升读牛津大学和剑桥大学。所有学科考试总计,合格率高达99.4%,其中58.3%为A*/B成绩。(注:学院每年都有 10 多名学生获牛津和剑桥大学录取。)

Our international students really impressed in 2019. 72% of all A Level grades were A*-B, placing them ahead of many of their peers at independent schools. (based on all results released by 16/08/2019). UCL will be the most popular university destination for our international leavers this year, just ahead of the Imperial College London, Warwick and Kings College London. Congratulations also to Herman NG who will be studying Architecture at Oxford.

我们的国际学生在2019年给人留下了深刻的印象。 所有A Level考试成绩中有72%是A *- B,领先于许多私立学校的学生。 (基于2019816日发布的所有结果)。伦教大学学院成为今年最受我们国际毕业生欢迎的升读大学,领先于伦敦帝国理工学院,华威大学和伦敦国王学院。恭喜来自中国香港的学生 NG Ho Men (Herman) 今年升读牛津大学建筑系。

Five Reasons to Choose Collyer’s 五个选择Collyer’s学院的理由

1. Outstanding Results优异成绩

Based on A Level exam 2019 results, Collyer’s is ranked the 3rd Sixth Form College in the country by the Department for Education. It is, by a clear margin, the top state Sixth Form in the local area. Collyer’s is an OFSTED Grade 1 ‘Outstanding’ Sixth Form College.

Collyer’s学院根据2019A Level考试成绩被教育部核实为全英国排名第三。 毫无疑问,它是该地区最好的第六年级学院。 Collyer's亦是被 Ofsted 评为“杰出”级的Sixth Form College 第六年级学院。

2. Outstanding Futures前程锦绣

88% of Collye’s students who go on university, across all Higher Education Institutions, achieve a 1st or 2:1. This places Collyers’ ahead of the independent sector average, and significantly ahead of the state sector. Amongst the Russell Group, on average, Collyer’s students perform on par with their peers from the independent sector with 90% achieving a 1st or 2:1. (All figures are from the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), 2019.

根据高等教育统计局 HESA 2019 的统计,我们学校学生在大学里获得一等或二等一级荣誉优秀成绩毕业的达 88%,比率高于私立学校学生。 其中只计算罗素集团大学则达 90%。



Provider 组别

1st or 21

The College of Richard Collyer


Sixth Form College Sector第六年级


State Sector公立教育机构


Independent Sector私立学校


3. Outstanding Support全面支持

Our students benefit from excellent pastoral care from their personal tutor, Head of House, Student Services, Study Support and Student Wellbeing Teams. Our Progression Programme provides comprehensive assistance with UCAS applications and guidance supported by visiting university representatives, as well as bespoke Employability.

我们的学生可以从他们的个人导师,班级老师,学生服务署,学习支持部和学生健康团队中获得全面的支援。我们的升学指导部门,和来自其他大学代表,将协助我们学生办理 UCAS 大学申请事宜,并为学生量身定做就业指导。

4. Outstanding Choice最佳选择

As a Sixth Form College, Collyer’s can offer a huge variety of courses across A Levels, BTECs, and T Levels. In the 2019/20 academic year we will offer more than 45 courses.

作为Sixth Form College第六年级学院, Collyer’s提供跨越A LevelBTECT Level的各种课程。 在2019/20学年,我们提供超过45门课程。

5. Outstanding Facilities先进设备

Collyer’s is an attractive campus College with excellent facilities to support our students across their learning and extracurricular activities.


Entry Requirements

At Least 16 (on or before 15 Sept 20210)

IELTS for ukvi minimum score 6.0 (Writing and Reading Not Less than 5.5)

Studying in / Completion of Senior 2 (students who complete senior 1 with excellent grades can apply)

Tuition (2020/2021): £9000 per annum

Homestay Accommodation: Tenatively about £6900 per annum (£150 per week for half board) single room a good breakfast and two course evening meal Monday to Friday and three meals a day Saturday and Sunday.

入学要求 :

1) 年满16 (2021915日或前)

2) 就读/完成高二 (完成高一, 成绩优异可申请)

3) 雅思成绩最低6.0 (阅读和写作不能低于5.5)

2020/2021年度学费 :£9000

2020/2021年度食宿费 :暂定约 £6900£150/周),寄宿在英国人家庭,独立房间,平日包早、晚两餐,周末包三餐

The College of Richard Collyer

Address: Hurst Road, Horsham, RH12 2EJ

School type: Sixth Form College Voluntary Aided

Education phase: 16 to 18

Gender of entry: Mixed

Ofsted rating:  Outstanding Inspected 27 Mar 2008

Local authority: West Sussex

Headteacher / Principal: Mr. Dan Lodge

Age range: 16 to 99

Founder: Richard Collyer

Enrollment: 2000

Number of International students (2019/2020): 63 (China - Mainland/HK/Macao/Taiwan; South Korea; US; Brazil; Japan)


The College of Richard Collyer - China Office, Rm B-08, 18/F, Jing Ho Ind Building, 78-84 Wang Lung Street, Tsuen Wan, NT, Hong Kong, China

Tel: (00852) 2814 9119 Fax : (00852) 35497798 Email: info@collyers.cn


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