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St Dominic's Sixth Form College

St Dominic's Sixth Form College is a Roman Catholic Sixth Form college on Harrow-on-the-Hill. The college has approximately 1100 students aged between 16 and 18 and around 100 members of staff. The college was opened and initiated by Cardinal Hume.


圣多米尼克第六年级学院是一所位于Harrow-on-the-Hill的罗马天主教 Sixth Form 学院。 该学院拥有约1100名年龄在1618岁之间的学生, 以及约100名员工。 这所学院是由 Hume 枢机主教开设和创办的。


There are a variety of courses to choose from including the conventional GCE 'A' Levels and vocational BTEC Qualifications. The college has been awarded many different accolades by both universities and examining bodies and has achieved Beacon Status.


有多种课程可供选择,包括常规的 GCE 'A’ Levels 课程和BTEC职业课程。 该学院已被大学和考试机构授予许多不同的荣誉,并获得了 Beacon 地位。


The College provides a Religious Education programme for all students.  ‘To Live is to Change’.  These famous words of Cardinal Newman’s encapsulate the aims and objectives of the College’s RE programme, which seeks to develop students’ spiritual and moral development within the context of respecting the faith traditions of all members of the College community. 




All lessons begin with prayer and Mass is held every Friday.




Teaching and learning are at the centre of our work at St Dominic's.  We have an incredibly strong record of academic success, but as well as achieving excellent results, we want to have a positive experience of learning.  Our teachers, as expert practitioners, continually seek to develop their practice and to equip you with the skills to learn independently.  St Dominic's has a very strong tradition of enrichment and you will benefit from a wide variety of educational visits and outside speakers in addition to your normal lessons.


我们在圣多米尼克就是以教学和学习为工作中心。 我们在学术上取得了令人难以置信的良好记录,但是除了取得优异的成绩,我们还希望学生获得积极的学习经验。 我们的老师是学科专家,不断寻求发展和尝试,并使您掌握独立学习的技能。圣多米尼克(St Dominic's)具有丰富的传统,除了正常的课程外,您还将受益于各种各样的教育访问和外来的演讲者。


You will develop your skills in ways that help you to learn as individuals and to prepare you to continue your studies in Higher Education or to move into employment.  We frequently seek your views about teaching, learning and assessment and we use these to continue to improve lessons and other aspects of learning.



您将以自己的方式来发展自己的学习技能,以帮助您自己的个人学习,并为您准备继续接受高等教育或进入就业做好准备。 我们经常征求您对教学、学习和评分的意见,并利用这些意见不断改进课程和学习等各方面。


St Dominic’s Sixth Form College has specialised in providing courses for 16-18 year olds for over 40 years. This specialisation contributes to the high standards of teaching and learning. Teaching staff have developed exciting material to engage and stretch students in preparation for examinations. Course outlines and supporting materials are made available through the College’s virtual learning environment, Sharepoint. In this way we encourage students to work independently where possible as an excellent preparation for the style of learning at University.


圣多米尼克第六年级学院有40多年专门为16-18岁的年轻人提供课程的经验。 这种专业化有助于提高教学水平。教职员工已经开发了令人振奋的教学材料,以吸引学生并为考试做准备。可通过学院的虚拟学习环境Sharepoint获得课程大纲和辅助材料。通过这种方式,我们鼓励学生在可能的情况下独立学习,为大学的学习方式做好准备。


Students enrolling on courses will need to satisfy the individual subject requirements as well as the overall entry criteria for the College.  At St Dominic’s we take great care during enrolment and induction to ensure that students are on appropriate programmes given their prior performance in order to ensure the greatest chance of success. Target grades are set and progress monitored by both subject teachers and tutors.




Students have four 65 minute lessons each week per subject at A level. There are 30 minute workshops during the day allowing for individual support and extension activities.


每个星期,每个科目学生有465分钟的 A-level课程。每天有30分钟的工作坊时间,可为学生



Members of staff at St Dominic’s are renowned for the support given to students.



St Dominic's Sixth Form College

Address: Mount Park Avenue, Middlesex, HA1 3HX

School type: Sixth form college

Education phase: 16 to 18

Gender of entry: Mixed

Ofsted rating: Outstanding Inspected 02 Apr 2008

Local authority: Harrow

Headteacher / Principal: Mr Andrew Parkin

Age range: 16 to 18

Religious character: Roman Catholic

Established : 1878 (Convent)
1979 (Sixth Form College)

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