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St Brendan's Sixth Form College

St Brendan's is the largest state-funded Sixth Form College in the Bristol, Bath and South Gloucestershire area. 

St Brendan's圣布伦丹学院是布里斯托尔、巴斯和南格洛斯特郡地区最大的政府资助公立第六年级学院。

The College is an educational home to over 1750 students, who are all 16-18 years old! St Brendan's is the only provider in the region able to offer over 70 different A-levels and BTECs to students. The College recognizes each student as an individual, and so learners are able to select any combination of courses to suit their interests and aspirations. 

该学院可容纳1750多名年龄在16-18岁之间的学生,是学生的大家庭。圣布伦丹(St Brendan's)是该地区唯一能够为学生提供70多门不同的A LevelsBTEC课程的学院。学院认为每个学生都是个人,因此学生可以选择适合自己兴趣和志向的任意课程组合。

St Brendan's aims to support each learner throughout their Sixth Form education and prepares them for their next steps; whether its university, a gap year or the world of work, the College strives to support students in becoming ambitious learners and confident young adults! 

圣布伦丹学院的目标是在整个第六年级教育中为每个学生提供支持,并为下一步的学习做准备。 无论学生是升读大学,或休学一年或就业工作,该学院都致力于支持学生成为有抱负的学习者和自信的年轻人!

St Brendan's was founded by the Irish Christian Brothers as a Catholic school for boys in 1896 in Berkeley Square in Bristol. During the first fifty years of its existence, it played a part in developing an educated Catholic laity in and around Bristol. Many of its pupils entered the priesthood as well as other professions.

St Brendan's学院由爱尔兰基督教兄弟会(Irish Christian Brothers)于1896年在布里斯托尔的伯克利广场(Berkeley Square)成立,当时是一所只接收男孩的天主教学校。 在其存在的头五十年中,它在布里斯托尔及其周边地区培育了许多受过良好教育的天主教徒,很多学生进入了圣职以及其他职业领域。

In the late 1970s, as a result of a reorganisation of Catholic secondary education in Bristol and Bath, St Brendan's became a coeducational sixth form college providing a range of A level, BTEC and other Level 3 courses for students aged 16+. Its reputation and the breadth of subjects and courses now offered to draw many students from secondary schools across Bristol, Bath and South Gloucestershire. St Brendan's is an inclusive college, and membership of the Catholic faith is not a prerequisite.

1970年代后期,由于对布里斯托尔和巴斯的天主教中学教育进行了重组,圣布伦丹学院成为一所男女同校的六年级学院,为16岁以上的学生提供一系列的A Levles、BTEC和其他第3级课程。现在,它的声誉以及广泛的学科和课程吸引了来自布里斯托尔、巴斯和南格洛斯特郡的许多中学学生入读。圣布伦丹(St Brendan's)是一所包容性的学院,学生是否加入天主教信仰并不作为入学的前提。

In 2009 the College was almost entirely rebuilt, with the latest technology, a new music and performing arts building, a new dance studio and a theatre, offering opportunities for a range of performing arts, including music, dance and drama and also for music technology. Other provision includes a county-standard sports hall for a very wide range of sports with a fully equipped fitness suite, and a Design and Technology design studio and workshop with 21st century machinery such as laser cutters and a 3D colour printer.


This year (2019) St Brendan’s A-level pass rate is an impressive 96%. The Sixth Form College provides students with a huge choice of 39 different A-level courses, and this year, as always, many subjects achieved a 100% pass rate, including A-level Mathematics and Further Mathematics, English Literature and all three of the A-level language subjects taught at St Brendan’s. As well as A-levels, St Brendan’s also offers a diverse range of Applied General (BTEC) courses. These results were also outstanding, and the College is celebrating a 100% pass rate in all Applied General subjects, with 91% of all results coming in at either a Distinction and Distinction* which is the equivalent to A and A* grades at A-level. The College’s Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) results were also outstanding, with 100% pass rate and 46% of students achieveing either an A* or A grade. 

今年 (2019),圣布伦丹学院(St Brendan)的A Levels 及格率达到了惊人的96%。六年级学院为学生提供了多达39门不同的 A-level 课程以供学生选择,今年与往常一样,许多科目都达到了100%的及格率,包括 A-level 数学和高等数学、英国文学以及所有在圣布伦丹开设的其他三门语言科目。除 A-level 课程外,圣布兰丹学院还提供各种职业应用(BTEC)课程。这些成绩也非常出色,学院正在庆祝所有职业应用课程的合格率达到100%,其中 91% 达到优异 (Distinction) 和杰出* (Distanction*) 成绩, 相当于 A level 成绩的 A 和 A*等级。学院的扩展项目资格(EPQ)成绩也非常出色,合格率为100%,有46%的学生获得A *或A级成绩。

St. Brendan's Sixth Form College
Address: Broomhill Road, Bristol, BS4 5RQ

School type: Sixth form college

Education phase: 16 to 18

Gender of entry: Mixed

Ofsted rating: Good Inspected 19 Oct 2012

Local authority: Bristol City

Headteacher / Principal: Mr Michael Jaffrain

Age range: 16 to 19

Religious character: Roman Catholic

Website : http://www.stbrn.ac.uk

中国香港电话:(852)3052 8234
国内微信/电话: 15018954559
WhatsApp:(852)9031 5172

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