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Salford City College - SCC Group

The Colleges are:

Apprenticeships at Salford City College

Eccles Sixth Form College (Remark: vocational A Levels programmes)

FutureSkills at MediaCityUK

Pendleton Sixth Form College

City Skills part of Salford City College

Worsley College

University Centre at Salford City College

Each college prides itself on delivering the best teaching and learning possible, all have the same underlying values to give all students great opportunities and are guaranteed to receive high quality education when studying with us. Each of our colleges strive towards the same high values and quality standards, but each offer specific courses supported by the very best facilities for that area.

We have highly successful colleges.  Our excellence is reflected in Pendleton Sixth Form College’s 97% A-Level pass rate, with 66% achieving high grades. Once again, Eccles Sixth Form College, FutureSkills at MediaCityUK, City Skills and Worlsey College achieved 99% advanced Vocational pass rate. Our success is down to our commitment to ensure that students choose the right course and are given all of the support and guidance that they need in order to achieve their full potential.

Students also have the opportunity to progress internally, with a wide range of Higher Education and professional qualifications offered at our University Centre at Salford City College.

We are very keen that opportunities go beyond the teaching and learning that takes place in the classroom.  Our students get many opportunities to go on trips and visits, we have high calibre guest speakers coming into the college and our links with industry professionals gives students that all-important opportunity to get in front of potential employers.

We also support students by offering travel on our college bus service which has been in operation for many years and offers a quick, safe and reliable service to students across Greater Manchester.  We are also committed to ensuring that students can afford the option of attending college, and therefore, if the household income is less than £20K per annum, we will provide students with £10 per week.

学院成员包括 :

Apprenticeships at Salford City College - 索尔福德城市学院的学徒制课程

Eccles Sixth Form College - 埃克斯第六年级学院 (备注:职业A Level课程)

FutureSkills at MediaCityUK - MediaCityUK的未来技能课程

Pendleton Sixth Form College -彭德尔顿第六年级学院

City Skills part of Salford City College -索尔福德城市学院的城市技能部分课程

Worsley College -沃斯利学院

University Centre at Salford City College -索尔福德城市学院大学中心


我们有非常成功的学院。彭德尔顿第六年级学院的A Levels课程合格率达97%,其中66%达到了高分,这体现了我们的卓越成绩。 Eccles第六年级学院,MediaCityUK的FutureSkills,City Skills和Worlsey College再一次获得了99%的高级职业课程合格率。我们的成功取决于我们对确保学生选择正确的课程并给予他们充分发挥潜能所需的支持和指导的承诺。




Pendleton Sixth Form College

Pendleton Sixth Form College offers a full range of A-level courses and Vocational courses in the following subject areas:

Applied Science ; Art and Design ; Dance ; Engineering ; Forensic Science ; Graphic Design ; Musical Theatre ; Performing Arts ; Photography ; Technical Theatre ; Textiles & Fashion

(A Levels courses: APPLIED SCIENCE ; BIOLOGY ; Business: A-Level ; CHEMISTRY ; Classical Civilisation ; Computer Science: A-Level ; Criminology ; Dance ; Drama and Theatre Studies ; Economics: A-Level ; English Language: A-Level ; English Literature: A-Level ; Film ; Financial Studies: A-Level ; French: A-Level ; Further Mathematics ; Geography ; Graphic Design ; History ; ICT: A-Level ; Law ; Mathematics ; Media ; Philosophy, Ethics & Theology ; Photography ; Physics ; Politics ; Spanish: A-Level)

Pendleton Sixth Form 学院

Pendleton Sixth Form 学院提供以下学科领域的全方位 A levels 课程和职业课程:


A Level课程:应用科学、生物学、商业:A-Level、化学、古典文明、计算机科学:A-Level、犯罪学、舞蹈、戏剧与戏剧研究、经济学:A-Level、英语:A-Level、英语文学:A Level、电影、金融研究:A Level、法语:A Level、高等数学、地理学、图形设计、历史、 ICTA Level、法律、数学、媒体、哲学、伦理学和神学、 摄影、 物理、 政治、 西班牙语:A-Level

Pendleton Scholars’ Programme

The Pendleton Scholars’ Programme provides wonderful opportunities for students to learn beyond the curriculum.

Activities which have been available to our Scholars, in the last few years, have included:

  • Cambridge University’s HE+ Programme
  • Tailored Programme for Oxbridge Applicants
  • Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)
  • Manchester Access Programme
  • Next Step York
  • Access to Leeds
  • Career Ready – Stem Academy
  • Links with University Schools of Medicine
  • Support for Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science
  • Guidance on admissions tests, such as BMAT, UKCAT and LNAT
  • Social Mobility Fund

The Scholars’ Programme at Pendleton Sixth Form College is designed to support those students with the potential of achieving high grades in their studies. The focus is on helping them prepare for their applications to highly competitive degree courses at Oxbridge, Russell Group Universities, as well as courses in Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science.

Students are identified based on a proven track record of strong GCSE results, recommendations from school and referrals from teaching staff. Students participating in The Pendleton Scholars’ Programme have high expectations placed upon them in terms of their attendance, contribution and achievement.

Teachers in the college are subject experts and the ethos here is about stretching and challenging each individual student, regardless of prior ability. You will experience and benefit from a wide variety of learning materials and assessment methods, as well as be encouraged to undertake a wider reading and independent study.

The Pendleton Scholars’ Programme is aimed at nurturing students’ educational potential, whilst broadening their aspirations inspiring other students.




•剑桥大学的HE + 高等教育课程计划















Vocational A-levels at Eccles Sixth Form College

Eccles Sixth Form College offers an extensive range of vocational subjects, a wealth of enrichment activities, specialised careers advice, and a comprehensive programme of support and personal development so that all students can flourish both academically and as individuals.


Eccles Sixth Form College are proud to introduce, Vocational A-levels, a new, unique qualification that allows students to receive ‘the academic rigour of studying A-levels, coupled with the practical elements of Vocational studies’.

埃克斯第六年级学院很自豪推出职业A Levels 课程,这是一项全新的独特的体验,使学生能够获得“学习A Levels课程的学术严谨性以及职业学习的实践要素”。

At Eccles Sixth Form College students can choose to study three vocational subjects at one time on our Vocational A-level Programme. You will have the opportunity to study a combination of three of the following subjects:

在埃克斯第六年级学院,学生可以同时选择在我们的职业A Levels课程中学习三个职业科目,您将有机会学习以下三个主题的组合:


You will study units such as animal behaviour and welfare, animal training and animal biology, all in our industry standard animal centre.




Units of study will include anatomy for sport and exercise, physiology and psychology. You will also have access to the state-of-the-art-facilities including our brand-new gym and sports science laboratory.


研究单位将包括体育运动的解剖学、生理学和心理学。 您还可以使用最先进的设施,包括我们全新的健身房和运动科学实验室。


This course will include units such as deviance, crime scene analysis, punishment and crime. Psychological theory will underpin this exciting course.




Areas of study will include working in the science industry, fundamentals of science and practical techniques.




The course will cover units such as the business environment, public relations and marketing.




You will investigate the travel and tourism sector, aviation and marketing of the travel industry.



Students will study the key principles in their three chosen subjects over the two year period, allowing a more varied pathway. For example, you may wish to combine your love of sport with learning more about business and science. You may choose to study animal management, applied science and business studies. These exciting vocational courses are a route on to Higher Education and have equivalent tariff points as A-levels. Each course is designed to allow students to progress academically whilst developing their practical skills in our state-of-the-art, industry-standard facilities.

在两年的时间内,学生将学习所选三门学科的关键原理,从而获得更多样化的途径。 例如,您可能希望将对运动的热爱与对商业和科学的更多了解结合起来,您可以选择学习动物管理、应用科学和商业研究。 这些激动人心的职业课程是通向高等教育的途径,并具有与A-levels相同的学分。 每门课程都旨在让学生在我们最先进的行业标准设施中发展学术技能的同时,发展自己的实践技能。

Salford City College - SCC Group

Salford City College

Address: Dronfield Road, Salford, M6 7FR

School type: General further education college

Education phase: 16 to 18

Gender of entry: Mixed

Ofsted rating: Good Inspected 14 May 2010

Local authority: Salford

Headteacher / Principal: Mr Michael Sheehan

Age range: 16 to 99


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