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Gower College Swansea

Gower College Swansea (
WelshColeg Gŵyr Abertawe) is a further education college in SwanseaWales. It was formed in 2010 by the merger of Gorseinon College and Swansea College. Mark Jones, previously principal of Bridgend College, became principal in July 2013.

斯旺西高尔学院(威尔士语:ColegGŵyrAbertawe)是位于威尔士斯旺西的一所继续教育学院。它由Gorseinon学院和Swansea学院于2010年合并而成。Bridgend学院的校长马克·琼斯(Mark Jones)于20137月成为该校校长。

We have over 4,500 full time and 10,000 part time learners from across Swansea and the neighbouring counties. We operate from six locations across the Swansea including campuses at Tycoch, Sketty and Gorseinon. With our extensive provision of work based learning operating out of our premises in Jubilee Court, Fforestfach. The college provides further education and other training courses in sevral campuses and venues.

我们有来自斯旺西及周边县市的4,500多名全职学生和10,000名兼职学生。 我们在斯旺西有六个校区,包括TycochSkettyGorseinon的校区。 我们有大量的工作学习活动在 Fforestfach Julilee Court 办公楼外的场地开展。学院还在多个校区和场所提供继续教育和其他培训课程。

Gower College Swansea - The leading A level College in Wales

斯旺西高尔学院 - 威尔士的一流A Level学院

Gower College Swansea is one of the highest performing colleges in the UK and is located in the UK’s first designated area of outstanding natural beauty. We are renowned for our A Level programme, with outstanding results and progression rates to the UK’s finest universities.

斯旺西高尔学院是英国表现最好的学院之一,位于英国自然风光最秀丽的地区。我们以A Level课程而闻名,学生的成绩优异,进入英国最好大学的升学率高。

Gower College Swansea offers around 40 A Level subjects, many of which are 'new' as they are not offered at GCSE. In all A Level subjects, the first year of study is known as the AS Level and external assessment usually takes place at the end of the first year. The second year of study is the A2 year and also involves external examinations to gain the full A Level award.

It may also be possible to start a new AS subject in the second year of study.

We also offer a range of GCSEs on a part time basis. Students can re-sit GCSE English, Maths and Science - provision is made for these subjects to be studied within the first year of their course.

Every year, up to 10 of our A level students’ progress to Cambridge and Oxford Universities.

Over the last 3 years, over 90 % of our international students have progressed to Russell Group universities, including Oxbridge.

In 2018, our international A2 students achieved a 100% pass rate, with an amazing 64% achieving A* or A.

Gower College Swansea提供大约40A Level科目,其中许多是的,因为GCSE没有提供。 在所有A Level科目中,第一年的学习被称为AS Level,外部评估通常在第一年末进行。 学习的第二年是A2,还涉及外部考试以获得完整的A Level成绩。



每年,多达10A  Level学生进入剑桥和牛津大学。


2018年,我们的国际A2学生合格率达到100%,其中惊人的64%达到A *A.

·         Applications for Medicine
Students who have expressed an interest in medical sciences, veterinary science and pharmacy are given weekly tutorial sessions which focus on careers, work shadowing, guests speakers and applications to university. They also provide the opportunity for students to discuss current ethical issues and medical breakthroughs and to receive advice on interview techniques.

·         Students can gain interview experience and help with their course from Gower College Swansea alumni who are now qualified and progressing in their careers.

·         The College has strong links with local hospitals and other care providers with regular talks from consultants and GPs.  

•    投考医科相关科目

对医学、兽医学和药学感兴趣的学生,每周接受一次辅导课程,重点是职业工作跟踪、演讲嘉宾和大学申请。 他们还为学生提供了讨论当前的道德问题和医学突破,并获得有关面试技巧的建议。

•    学生可从在职执业的高尔学院斯旺西的校友,获得相关专业面试经验和课程指导。

•    学院与当地医院和其他护理服务提供机构保持紧密联系,他们的顾问和全科医生定期到学院进行讲座。

Gower College Swansea

Tycoch Road, Swansea, SA2 9EB

Wales, UK

Campus : Tycoch, Gorseinon, Llywyn y Bryn, Jubilee Court, Kingsway, Sketty Hall

Type : Further Education College
Principal : Mark Jones
Website : www.gcs.ac.uk

Oxbridge Preparation Programme

Our well-established programme provides the best possible preparation for acceptance to Oxford, Cambridge and other Russell Group universities.

Delivered through weekly tutorials and led by our team of expert Oxbridge tutors, students will gain knowledge of how to produce an effective application and will be supported throughout all aspects of the admissions process.

The programme also encourages students to develop their academic interests and critically engage with current debates and theories, thus building students’ capacity to exchange, build and generate ideas. Highlights include:

·         Residential visits and seminars at Cambridge and Oxford colleges - every year over 50 students have the opportunity to visit each university and participate in a series of subject specific workshops and masterclasses delivered by world-leading academics and fellows from each institution. Students are provided with accommodation in the university colleges, including dinner in formal halls, enabling them to experience life as an undergraduate first-hand

·         Summer schools – students are encouraged to apply to prestigious and highly-competitive summer schools and are supported in their applications by our Oxbridge tutors.  Last year, 35 pupils were invited to attend a range of subject specific summer schools and residentials at Sutton Trust, UNIQ and Villiers Park

·         Aptitude tests and assessment preparation – an increasing number of university courses (at Oxbridge and other Russell Group Universities) require applicants to sit standardised aptitude tests. These tests push students far beyond their A Level syllabi and assess analytical reasoning, problem solving and essay writing. Our experienced Oxbridge tutors deliver tailored aptitude test support from the summer term of your first year using past test papers, which is supplemented by further aptitude test preparation workshops delivered by representatives from Oxford and Cambridge colleges

·         Mock interview preparation with Oxbridge alumni and local academic professionals – our interview preparation programme enables students to become informed and confident in discussing their academic interests and engaging in challenging ideas. Every student applying for Oxbridge will also undertake at least one subject-specific mock interview, held externally, with detailed feedback provided.

At the invitation of the University of Cambridge we are the only institution in Wales to have been chosen to run the HE+ programme and we act as the hub for all the state sixth forms in Swansea.

HE+ develops academic skills and encourages students to challenge themselves and each other in a supportive environment. The programme inspires students to aim high when making university choices and develops students’ super-curricular knowledge and interests.

HE+ is also supported by the Welsh Government’s Seren Programme. Highlights include:

·         Annual HE+ launch event in partnership with Churchill College, Cambridge

·         Monthly extension classes to experience subjects at university level.

·         Overnight visit to the University of Cambridge and its constituent colleges.

·         Regular seminars delivered by the University of Cambridge to support students in preparing applications to highly selective universities.

·         The Seren Network
Gower College Swansea is the hub provider for Swansea’s Seren Network. The Seren Network, funded by Welsh Government, supports the most academically able students from all state schools to gain access to world leading universities. As the hub institution, Gower College Swansea organises academic workshops and super-curricular activities for students across the Swansea region.

·         In the last two years, and with the support of Seren, students at Gower College Swansea have also been successful in securing full scholarship places at Harvard and Yale summer schools which have helped lead to successful undergraduate applications to American universities.

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