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DCG (Derby College Group) is one of England’s largest colleges with more than 20,000 learners.

The Group consists of The Joseph Wright post-16 Academic and Arts college; the Roundhouse Technical and Professional Skills college; Broomfield Hall Land-based and Leisure college; Ilkeston Technical Skills college and the St James Centre community college.

DCG offers a broad-based 16-19 academic and vocational curriculum; 14-16 schools programme; adult and community offer and the expanding HE offer. It is also one of the first providers to be part of the first-tier launch of the new T-levels in Construction, Digital and Education & Childcare.

DCG works in partnership with more than 3,000 employers in a number of ways from co-designing and co-delivering the curriculum to delivering a wide range of apprenticeships.



DCGDerby College Group)是英格兰最大的学院之一,拥有20,000多名学生。

该集团由Joseph Wright 约瑟夫·赖特16岁以上学术与艺术学院、Roundhouse技术和专业技能学院、Broomfield Hall布鲁姆菲尔德自然环境休闲学院、Ilkeston技术技能学院和St James Centre圣詹姆斯中心社区学院组成。

DCG提供广泛16-19岁学生的学历和职业课程; 14-16岁学生的学校计划; 成人和社区课程以及不断扩大的高等教育课程。它还是第一批提供建筑,数据,教育与育儿的T 级课程的学院。


A Levels at Derby College  

德比学院的A Levels

At Derby College we give you all the support and advice you need to choose the right study programme and turn your ambitions into reality.

Are A-levels for you?

A-levels could be the ideal choice if you:

Can work on your own initiative

Enjoy reading and carrying out research Have the ability to work in a team

Enjoy written, classroom-based tasks Are self-motivated

Are well organised when planning work and meeting deadlines

Enjoy creating extended pieces of writing.


A Levels课程是否对您合适?

如果您满足以下条件,A Levels课程可能是理想的选择:






Choose Wisely

Studying any subject at A-level is a major step up from GCSE. It demands greater commitment, hard work, and perseverance, so you will be stretched and challenged.

When choosing your A-level subjects, you should think carefully about:

Subjects you have a genuine passion for: if you are interested in the subjects you choose then you are more likely to do well in them

Subjects you will need: for certain university degrees or careers you will be required to have one or more specific A-level subjects for entry.


学习任何A Level 科目课程,GCSE课程都是重要的一步。 它需要更大的投入,更多的努力和毅力,因此您将倍感压力和挑战。

在选择A Level科目时,您应该仔细考虑:


您将需要修读的科目:对于某些大学本科学位课程或职业课程,您将需要拥有一个或多个特定的A Level科目才能入学。

Independent study

When you join Derby College, you will be on the pathway to becoming a more independent student. We fully expect you to complete at least five hours per week of homework and independent study to help you attain your academic goals.

Independent study can take many forms but could include reviewing class notes before and after lessons; accessing e-learning resources; creating mind maps or revision notes; completing additional exam-style questions; taking part in enrichment activities; and working with a subject buddy to improve your understanding.

What vocational subjects can I take as part of an A-level Programme

We also offer a range of specialist certificates and diplomas for those students who might prefer a more vocational, work-related programme alongside or in place of A-levels. These enable you to take a practical approach to learning and give you the opportunity to focus on real-world scenarios. The way you are assessed will centre more on coursework and practical projects than on traditional exams.

Such qualifications are highly respected across many sectors and are designed to meet the specific needs of employers and professional bodies as well as paving the way to higher education.

Vocational programmes you can choose as part of one of your A-level options cover subjects such as Applied Law, Criminology, IT: Scripting and App Programming, and Sport Science.

To enhance your CV further still, you can also consider taking additional qualifications alongside your A-levels. You could, for instance, improve your skills in using maths in a range of ‘real-world’ contexts with the Advanced Certificate in Mathematical Studies (Core Maths). You could also take the Extended Project Qualification, which enables you to plan, research and develop a project which is largely self-directed and self-motivated on a theme of your choice.

Whether your aim is to head to university, an apprenticeship or a job, our A-level options can help you achieve your long-term goals and career plans.

Joseph Wright Centre

Joseph Wright Centre (JWC) – Located in Derby City Centre. This site holds over 1,500 students and has three floors, ground, first, second and third floors. With access for disabled students, there are two lifts going both up and down the building and a third in the extension. A canteen is also at the students service. This site is a sixth form college. It opened in 2005 and was extended in the next two years. Courses include A' Levels (Choice of 35 including extended project), Music, Media, ICT Level 3.





我们还为那些可能更喜欢与职业相关课程而不是A Level课程的学生提供一系列专业证书和文凭课程。这些使您能够采取一种实用的学习方法,并有机会专注于实际情况。与传统的考试相比,您的评估方式将更多地集中在课程作业和实际项目上。


作为 A level 课程的替代品,这些职业课程包括应用法律、犯罪学、IT:原本和应用程序编程以及体育科学。


无论您打算去上大学,做学徒还是工作,我们的 A-Levels 课程都可以帮助您实现长期目标和职业计划。


约瑟夫·赖特中心(JWC位于德比市中心。 该中心可容纳1,500多名学生,并分为四层,分别是地面、一楼、二楼和三楼。有专门为残障学生提供的通道,大楼内上下有两部电梯,第三部在扩展中。 食堂也为学生服务。 该中心是第六年级学院,它于2005年开放,并在接下来的两年中进行了扩展。 课程包括 A-Levels35个科目选择,包括扩展项目)、音乐、媒体、ICT 3 3 级课程。

Derby College 

Address: The Roundhouse, Derby, DE24 8JE

School type: General further education college 

Education phase: 16 to 18

Gender of entry: Mixed

Ofsted rating: Good Inspected 04 Mar 2016

Local authority: Derby

Headteacher / Principal: Mrs Mandie Stravino

Age range: 16 to 99

Established : 2000 (merger)
Staff : 1500

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